Letters from Liz

Hughes stock image
Ted Hughes by Fay Godwin, Copyright British Library Board

IMAGINE my excitement when I received this review from a former girlfriend of Ted’s, who knew my characters in real life, and had met Assia! “My heart soared for the poor girl” she tellingly wrote in this very special email:

Dear Dina,  1 am reading your book at the moment and enjoying your interpretation. You must have researched their lives in depth. I knew the characters Mr & Mrs Hughes, Ted’s sister Olwyn who was very protective of her brother and the aunt who came to care for the children. I had met Assia when they called into my house in Buxton when I was visiting theU K. Assia was pregnant at the time and very quiet. Can’t blame her as he was visiting an old friend !! He might have written his poem Lovesong after a lunch date with Assia . My heart soared for this poor girl He refused to accept her daughter although she might have manipulated the pregnancy. There is always a price to be paid for fame . Great read keep me informed of others. Regards, Lizzy.

LOVE LETTERS and Post Cards from Ted Hughes to “Lizzy”,  a young woman he met before Sylvia, have been added to the Hughes archive in the British Library. See the website below.

Liz, the recipient of the letters, was from Manchester originally, but left both her home and Cambridge eventually to emigrate to Australia where she lives today.  At one point the couple thought they would both emigrate and join Gerald, Hughes’s  brother, but Liz left for America first and whilst the relationship did not survive her departure, the correspondence is warm and tender from Hughes.

In one letter he writes of his plan for an autobiographical novel about Cambridge and a book of fairy tales for children.

Just six months later he was to meet Sylvia Plath in Cambridge and she was to start a book called Falcon Yard which was to tell the story of her meeting and relationship with Hughes in Cambridge. (Courtesy British Library, London UK).




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    Hi there! Such a good write-up, thanks!


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