New Reviews of ‘Capriccio: a Novel’


Below are some of my favourite reviews. I am eternally grateful to my readers, fellow authors, and  critics for their heartwarming and insightful feedback:

Amazon 5 star Review. A gripping read. This beautifully written work covers so much ground: love, literature, abuse, religion, and the struggle for identity. I found it gripping and poignant, especially knowing the true stories of Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes and Assia Wevill. The author has cleverly captured the claustrophobia of women’s lives in this era, and the limited options available to them. I especially loved the way we get a real insight into Assia, who has only really been known and maligned as ‘the other woman’ before this novel. I always love stories that bring another point of view to something we thought we already knew, and this does exactly that. I highly recommend it.  – Michaela, Reader

Amazon 5 star Review. A sensuous and beautifully crafted story about three prominent poets. The author’s writing ability does justice to the literary subjects. The characters are deftly drawn through skilful dialogue which offers profound psychological insight into their complex natures. The novel flows effortlessly and draws you on to the riveting end. – Garth, author

From Eilat Negev and Yehuda Koren (Authors of “Lover of Unreason” the biography of Assia Gutmann WevillIMG_0573

Just finished reading Capriccio. It was so heartbreaking to see Assia from a distance, through your eyes. The liberty you took from the documented facts was reasonable, and it was evidently a labour of love on your part. We congratulate you on getting to this end of the long, and no doubt sometimes frustrating journey. In any case, we wish you a lot of enjoyment and success with the book, and thank you for the dedication and acknowledgement.

 John, Holocaust Survivor (forwarded by his daughter)

My dad just finished Capriccio.He finished it in one night because he couldn’t put it down. He said it had everything – jealousy, heartbreak, revenge, every emotion. He found it such a powerful book. The emotions are still with him.  ­

Tony Duvollet, Mt Isa, Qld. 2018, Sailor

Each chapter left me unable to sleep! The narrative was very emotive for me…and surely that is the sign of a good writer if they can arouse such emotions, good or bad, in the reader. All the best with this and any future works.

Indigo Eve Walsh, Student.

I just finished Capriccio and it was absolutely incredible. My favourite character was Rivke, and I also loved Tony, but all of the characters were beautifully written. Congratulations on creating such a masterpiece.

Thomas Keneally, Booker Prize Winning author of ‘Schindler’s Ark’

I think this is a fine evocation with barely a false note. I was fascinated by this work and its crisp style. Let me reiterate: I believe you have an interesting and world-wide engaging book here. I think you’ll ring a bell.


Excerpt from ‘Imprint’ Journal of the NT Writers’ Centre, Dec 2018

Most relevant in Davis’ novel is the randomness of fate, and the capriciousness of events which lead Esther, her husband Tony, and her lover Larry into dangerous waters. Themes of WW2, The Holocaust and anti-Semitism sustain the narrative. I was touched by Davis’ use of her own childhood to describe the cruel racism Esther suffered from school children. Emotional complexity is elegantly and empathetically developed by Davis, while she miraculously avoids “mush”. – Kaye Aldenhoven, Poet



Helen,  author  I have just finished ‘Capriccio: a Novel’ and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your style was so engaging and the way you drew your characters was utterly convincing. My only regret was that I did not find those wonderful snippets of poetry at the beginning of each chapter. For me, they were part of the literary achievement of your work. I guess your publishers argued against them. Pity. Perhaps you could include them in a future edition. I’m sure you will continue to receive literary acclaim. It is well deserved.










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