Cilento Independent Publishers

‘Capriccio: a Novel’, the story of the woman who came between Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, is published by independent Sydney-based publishing house, Cilento. They gave me all the professional services of a commercial publisher, and so much more. My manuscript went through a rigorous editing and proofeading process. I was offered the same services as a mainstream publisher, and retained far more control  every step of  the way. I cannot speak highly enough of the friendly, timely and professional services I received from Cilento.

To honour the publication of “Capriccio: a Novel” I have set up this website, with help from Evan Shapiro, Director of Cilento. Here you will find excerpts, articles, and background information.

Unlike ‘vanity’ publishers, Cilento will not publish a book unless it meets their criteria, and until it has undergone a rigorous editing process. The author works closely with the publisher, to achieve the best possible finished product. After many months of checking proofs, rewriting, and formatting, the book is finally born. And now the real work starts:  promotion. marketing and distribution.  Again, Cilento  provides excellent advice and referrals.

Capriccio: A Novel, tells the story of a famous literary love triangle , from the perspective of Assia (called Esther in the novel), the woman who came between Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. Apart from one biography, ‘Lover of Unreason” by Eilat Negev and Yehuda Koren, Assia herself has practically been written out of history, and often maligned by her accusers. My novel aims to redress the balance, and to restore Assia to her proper place in literary history.



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