The meaning of ‘Capriccio’



kəˈprɪtʃɪəʊ | noun (plural capriccios)

a lively piece of music, typically one that is short and free in form: its four acts contain a number of capriccios and chorales.

a painting or other work of art representing a fantasy or a mixture of real and imaginary featurestwo capriccios by de la Joue which fitted 18th century frames.

ORIGIN: early 17th century (denoting a sudden change of mind): from Italian, literally ‘head with the hair standing on end’, hence ‘horror’, later ‘a sudden start’(influenced by capra ‘goat’, associated with frisky movement), from capo ‘head’+ riccio ‘hedgehog’.

The Original ‘Capriccio’

In both senses, those of Fate, and of Horror,  these definitions relate to Capriccio: a Novel. My book is indeed a mixture of the real and the imaginary events of the heroine’s life. Capriccio3d

Themes of horror, mischief and risk-taking run through my novel, which is inspired by the series of poems by Ted Hughes, called ‘Capriccio’. These twenty poems relate closely to his relationship with Esther (not her real name), my protagonist. Most relevant is the randomness of fate, and the capriciousness of actions which lead my characters into dangerous waters.



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